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The Temporary Village
Accommodation will be provided with pre-constructed individual housing units that have to be set up by the participants themselves at the time of arrival. That means: during the first day all participants will collectively build their own temporary village! The available (ready to setup) housing kits are designed by students from the department of industrial design at the art school.


1 house, 2 persons (2)


LIVING BALL / Wohnkugel
Keune Jonathan, Roth David
The living ball is a house that is easily produced with paper on a wire mesh. To make the paperworks resistant to water - the final surface is treated with varnish. The concept of the living ball is that the form is adaptable to the needs of its habitants. It is an open structure that allows change, because it is easy to build more windows and other necessary parts of the house. Feel free to change it.,

2 houses, 2 persons (4)

MAGIC TRIANGLES / Magische Dreiecke
Kazubski Sebastian, Radon Marta
The Triangular comes with a building model: Choose your style you want to build this house. The prefab triangular walls contain different function of the living room and are easy to connect. In that manner, habitants can build up and design their own individual structure.,

1 house, 1 persons (1)

Fütling Christine, Jaisler Harri
The aim of Vespertilio was to create a hut with flexible components like a folding chair. The hut reminds on a bat, so it was named Vespertilio which is the Latin word for bat. The wings are variable. The top can be folded out upwards. The central triangle serves as a door. This makes it a very flexible lodge: You can enjoy the ambiance or have your privacy.,


1 house, 2 persons (2)

Scholl Klaus, Gerland Janine
Just turn this house and you`ll have another room: From sleeping to writing and lounging. The Moctagon uses the smallest space to offer you all the space that you need to feel at home. To close the Moctagon house, you turn the two parts of the house into the sleeping mode. It’s like living in a walking wheel. You just step into one corner and then it turns into another room.,


1 house, 2 person (2)

THE KNOT / Der Knoten
Lena Plake, Bender Eva
Imagine to live inside a knot. The design of the knot is made out of a large piece of flexible wood that is bended in order to build a space to live in. After bending the wood, the open holes are filled with water proof membranes to make a comfortable interior. Feel homey.,


2 houses, 2 persons (4)

Johann Schorr
The Hexagon 3 is house that is made of a structure of cardboard. Its hexagonal design is flexible and durable together. Also the furniture in this architecture is made out of the card board it is built with.

1 house, 2 persons (2)

MAGNETIC FIELD / Magnetisches Feld
Aiko Telgen

Two containers build a space for two persons. To use ready-made objects that are used in every street is the quality of this project. The interior is covered with a polstered textile that is attached to the containers body with strong magnets. In this way, a lounge style interior is created. A furniture band connects the two containers to offer all functions that are needed to accept the room as a cozy environment.

2 houses, 2 persons (4)

Jacobi Silvia, Bartleb Christoph
Made out of straight cardboard rolls, this hut seems like fallen trees forming a habitable space. The dynamic space is defined by the structure of the large rolls, which are protected by a layer of foliage. To open the building, the colorful textile inlet can be partly removed, so that the inside merges with its surrounding. Live inside this building and feel the structural dynamism.,


1 house, 2 persons (2)

HANGMAN / Hängeparty
Bohl Michael, Severdija Marijan
Like a lampion, the hanging shelter offers space for two. You crawl into the wavering bag from underneath to step into an enclosed space of well being. The wind, sounds and lights from around get translated into swaying, murmuring and scampering. From inside, the hangman can be illuminated to become an inhabitable lampion swinging in the wind.,


4 houses, 2 persons (4)

LP-HOUSE / Plattenbau
Mohr Steffen, Sieker Felix
A carpet made out of long-playing-records forms the adaptable accommodation. As you wish, the records enclose a space to live in or, by pulling them up they hover above the resting area to form a sunscreen or rain protection. Even the worst records of all time are able to form this very hip building.,


1 house, 1 person (1)

CASE STUDY TENT / Case Study Zelt
Rieke Arne
Lots of (regrettably empty) DVD Cases are knit together to constitute the tent’s skin. The archetype of a tent’s triangular geometry suddenly starts vibrating and becomes a faceted reflective mirror, which glisters in the sun and remain dark at night. If you want to live in this hut, bring your own photos and drawings which can fill the cases, so that the DVD-tent itself becomes the screen.


1 house, 2 persons (2)

Umbrella dome / Schirmkuppel
Brethauer Andreas, Pacheco Denise

It looks like a geodesic dome from Buckminster Fuller, but it is only made out of a very familiar item: The umbrella. Lots of umbrellas are bound together with plastic tubes to form a colourful dome which exposes its structure inside. The very light object can easily change its location and adapt to nearly every surrounding. Test it!,

1 house, 1person (1)

Veit Wolfer, Christopher Binder
How about living in a seashell? Meerdinger is a foldable shell for two persons. It is small and mobile. Just fold it together and roll it to another place in the village. The material is lightweight and it comes in transluscent white. When you are inside - you can see the shadows of the outer world. When its dark outside and you have a light inside and you can make a puppet play of shadows...

1 house, 4 persons (4)

Info is coming soon. Contact Catrine Val.

3 tents, 2 persons (6)

Contact Catrine Val for the tents.


22.07.07 - 30.07.07